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これらの広告配信事業者は、ユーザーの興味に応じた商品やサービスの広告を表示するため、当サイトや他サイトへのアクセスに関する情報 Cookieを使用することがあります。cookieは貴方の氏名、住所、メールアドレス、電話番号などの個人を特定する情報は含まれません。
※Cookie(クッキー)を無効にする設定およびGoogleアドセンスに関する詳細は「広告 – ポリシーと規約 – Google」をご覧ください。


【GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation)について】


【Delivery of advertisements】
This website (hereinafter called the “Site”) uses the advertising services delivered by the following third parties.

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We earn a referral fee by using the above affiliate programs that enable a website to earn the referral fee by linking advertisements.

These advertisement delivery business operators may use “Cookies” which are the information relating to a user’s access to the Site or other websites (exclusive of the user’s name, address, e-mail address and phone number), in order to display the advertisements of the products or services in accordance with the interest of such user.

For details relating to the settings to disable the Cookies and the Google Adsense, please refer to “Advertising – Privacy & Terms – Google”.

【Access analysis tool】
The Site utilizes an access analysis tool provided by Google called “Google Analytics”.
This Google Analytics uses the Cookies to collect traffic data. These traffic data are collected on an anonymous basis and do not identify an individual.
This function enables the collection to be rejected by disabling the Cookies, so please confirm the settings of your browser. With respect to its terms, please click here for more details.

We delete the Cookies collected by the Google Analytics and user data associated with the user ID on the Site within several months.

【GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation)】
The GDPR is not applied to the Site, but we make our best efforts to manage and protect the privacy information of any and all users and respect the privacy rights on the basis of the GDPR, regardless of the application of the GDPR.

The copyright or portrait right, etc. of any image posted on the Site belongs to its respective right holder. Such posting does not intend to infringe on such rights. If the contents of the articles or the images, etc. posted on the Site have any problems, we kindly ask each right holder to directly contact us by e-mail. We will handle such problems after confirming them.

If you move to other websites via any links or banners from the Site, we are not liable to you for any information or services, etc. provided on such destination websites.

In regard to the contents or information on the Site, we strive to post as accurate information as possible, but any wrong or old information may be included, as the case may be.

Please note and agree that we are not liable to you for any damages, etc. arising from the contents or information posted on the Site.